Home Sentinel - Indoor House Pest Control Repellent with Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, Ionizer & Auto Night Light Review

Home Sentinel - Indoor House Pest Control Repellent with Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, Ionizer & Auto Night Light Feature

  • First 6 in 1 pest repeller in market; Repel ALL Indoor Pests, Rodents, Rats, Mouse, Roach, Insects, Bacteria,Silverfish,Fleas, Bed Bugs, Ants, Flies....MORE!
  • 3 Pest Repelling Technologies: LOUDER High Pressure Ultrasonic PRO, Electromagnetic with U.S Patent, TREMENDOUS Ultra- ionic pumping power
  • 3 ADDED in technologies: 3 LED Function Status Lights, Built In Bright Blue LED Night Light, Good Smell Air Purifier, Kill Bacteria
  • #1 Seller with the MOST reasonable PRICE; Effective range up to 5,000 Square Feet; Maintenance FREE

Home Sentinel - Indoor House Pest Control Repellent with Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, Ionizer & Auto Night Light Overview

The Home Sentinel by Aspectek is conveniently small and boasts a combination of 4 most advanced, contractor-grade, electronic pest control technologies. With tremendous ion-pumping power, heavy pounding eletro-magnetic waves, home comforting night light and pest repelling ultrasonic sound waves. With this home protective sentinel, no ongoing costs of spraying your home. No messy mouse traps to clean up. It is safe for humans, pets and also pests. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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